Some of the most common aspects a business focuses on are revenues, profits, operational efficiency, liquidity, and solvency. However, cause-marketing is a relatively newer concept that has been underestimated in the past, and now has become a main focus for many successful businesses. In the following paragraphs you will get a glimpse of this approach and hopefully, as you recognize causes that generate an impact on you, you will discover new ways to connect with your customers.

Now more than ever before, society has become remarkably concern for environmental and social matters. Therefore, customers are attracted to a brand that supports a cause they are touched by. The diversity of causes you can choose to support is extraordinarily large, so really, there is no excuse for your company to not include cause marketing in the business model. Cause Marketing is a win-win because the benefits are not only for the targeted matter you support but for your business.

What do you get in return? Brand awareness, networking opportunities, and customer loyalty just to name a few. You do not only attract new customers but you strengthen your connection with your current customers. In a given scenario in which two identical products only have one difference: one supports a cause and the other one does not, most customers will choose the product that supports a cause. But why? because there is an added value to a regular purchase: it represents contributing positively to something they consider meaningful.

For example, ecological trends such as the increase in renewable energy sources, human waste management, and reduction of energy consumption are raising exponentially as the customer expectations demand companies involvement in global or local causes. Your business can support something very specific such as preventing bullying campaigns or something a little bit more general such as fighting poverty. Remember that a customer is more than just someone who purchases your product. A customer is a human being with beliefs, experiences, and standards that guide their decision-making process in a daily basis. 

So here is my advice to you: be a customer for a day and think of what causes are worthy of your time and money. Think about what moves you and what has impacted your life. Think about what has made you cry, what has made you smile. Think about something you consider is not talked about and should be. Think about a hard time in your life and what got you through it. Ideally, you will come up with a list and choose one or two things of that list that resonate the most with your principles and integrity as a person. That is the goal.

I invite you to be creative and transparent in this reflections because that is truly the only way you will feel in your skin what a customer thinks when they decide to purchase a product. This process might take some time but at the end of the day, you will understand why is key to implement this strategy in your company.